19x9.5 & 20x10.5 | 5x120 | OEM BMW M4 GTS

Picked up this set of brand new M4 GTS wheels this week equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s. All brand new, genuine BMW wheels straight off of an M4 GTS! Located near LA, California. Will fit any of the F8X M cars and potentially many other BMW or non-BMW cars depending on fitment capability.

$11,000+ value: $8500+tax/delivery for wheels and $2000+tax/delivery for tires

Front: 19x9.5"
Rear: 20x10.5"

Email me at: alaingarkanian@sbcglobal.net

Hersteller: BMW
Wheel Model: 666M
Include tires?:
Radkonfiguration: 5x120
Durchmesser: 20 or greater
Front width: 9.5"
Rear width: 10.5"
Center Bore Size: 72.6
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 21 Nov 2017

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