Compomotive FH600 Three Piece Wheels

Got a cool set of three piece Compomotive FH600 wheels for sale. Removed from a corvette. 5x120.65 16x10 +20. I’m 99.9% sure these halves are perfectly compatible with BBS Motorsport so I could rebarrel these easily as I have a bunch of narrower inner barrels and different sized lips. I could downsize them to 15” or upsize them to 17” or 18” with BBS Motorsport parts. Would be great set to open the hub bore up and run on a BMW. They currently have a 3” lip and 6.75” barrels. Any questions please ask! $1450 shipped.

Instagram Username: europrimitive
Hersteller: Compomotive Motorsport
Wheel Model: FH600
Include tires?:
Radkonfiguration: 5x120
Durchmesser: 16
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 21 Feb 2019

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