Password jdm pro forged trade/sell

18x9.5 +27
Open to trades 5x100 or 5x114.3
One lip has a small rash about 3in in length on the lip just grazed the curb. Can be fixed or re lipped. Other wheel has small speckle chips from normal wear and tear. <— caused by shitty tires shops sadly.
Two tires are shot other two have camber ware.
Wheels are still on the car as I don’t drive it anymore.

Instagram Username: Broke_wrx
Contact Phone Number: 8034120038
Fabricante: Other
Include tires?:
Configuración de la rueda: 5x100
Diámetro: 18
Front width: 9.5"
Rear width: 9.5"
Front offset: 27
Rear offset: 27
Anuncio creado el 29 abr 2021

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