BBS RS224 15x6.5 et45

Genuine set of BBS RS 224 15x6.5
 3 piece wheels
5x114.3 could be redrilled or used with adapters
15x6.5 with a .5" Lip
5.5" Barrel

Offset is Et45
60mm Center Bore

OEM Full Height Hex Caps

These would be a good candidate for bigger lips or to run as is. They are very clean with minimal imperfections. No cracks, bends or welds. Everything is original. Never been split! Willing to ship. 

Instagram Username: Royalstatus_13
Contact Phone Number: 845-774-5614
Fabricante: BBS
Wheel Model: RS224
Include tires?:
Configuración de la rueda: 5x114.3
Diámetro: 15 or smaller
Front width: 7" or smaller
Rear width: 7" or smaller
Front offset: 45
Rear offset: 45
Center Bore Size: 60.0
Anuncio creado el 5 may 2019

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