HRE 545 Fully Polished *Very Rare*

18" x 8.5"
5 x 112
ET 37

HRE 545 w/ upgraded option for fully polished faces. These were purchased for 1650 a wheel and are extremely rare with European fitment. ( 5 x 112)
They are off of my 2001 audi S4. Unfortunately due to personal reasons I have to sell my car and my wheels.


Instagram Username: nikkomilt
Contact Phone Number: 9145255530
Fabricante: HRE
Wheel Model: 545
Include tires?:
Configuración de la rueda: 5x112
Diámetro: 18
Front width: 8.5"
Rear width: 8.5"
Front offset: 37
Rear offset: 37
Anuncio creado el 20 nov 2019

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Chhaun P

hace 6 meses

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