2013-16 Cadillac ATS 17x8 FACTORY OEM WHEEL

Brand: Cadillac

Bolt Pattern: 115

Type: Aluminum Alloy Wheel

Number of Bolts: 5

Manufacturer Part Number: 22921891

Rim Diameter: 17

Rim Material: Aluminum Alloy

Rim Structure: One Piece

Surface Finish: Silver Painted

Rim Width: 8

Offset: 42

** All Wheels come with the Cadillac Emblem Center Cap and Original Set of Lug Nuts (5)**

Only the first TWO wheels pictured come with the TPS

The last wheel pictured is the only wheel that is damaged structurally. It has a slight bend due to hitting a pothole, yet can easily be repaired according to Discount Tires.

Contact Phone Number: 2105840974
Fabricant: Other
Wheel Model: OEM 17x8
Include tires?:
Configuration de la roue: 5x114.3
Diamètre: 17
Front width: 8"
Rear width: 8"
Front offset: 42
Rear offset: 42
Annonce créée 23 août 2018

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