HRE Forged - P101 Monoblok (Series P1)

5x112 Bolt Pattern
19 x 9.5 Fronts
20 x 11 Rears
Finish : Brushed Dark Clear

Fronts - 265/35/19 (98Y) Michelin Pilot Super Sport Radial
Backs - 295/30/20 (101Y) Michelin Pilot Super Sport Radial
Tires/wheels are balanced
300 miles on the set

-Note- Last photo shows minor little chips on the very outter edge (not on the face directly) on one of the wheels, not visible from little distance,, only when you go very close up, already deducted from the price what i would have charged if they weren't. Apart from that, inside out, they are prestine!

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Instagram Username:
Contact Phone Number: 8458253379
Fabricant: HRE
Wheel Model: P101 Monoblok
Include tires?:
Configuration de la roue: 5x112
Diamètre: 19
Front width: 9.5"
Rear width: 11"
Annonce créée 20 juin 2019

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