BBS E50 Motorsport Magnesium Wheels Centers

Got a set of 5x130 BBS E50 centers available. Staggered ball seat set. Fronts are from 1986. The rears are from 1978. The fronts have been machined to seat halves while the earlier rears for a deep dish or 15” set have not. They have been blasted and are ready for paint. I’m asking $1800 shipped for the set. I have lots of used 15” and 16” shells for these I can complete them with for $2300 shipped in whatever I have in stock. Can be built 15-19" in diameter. Any questions please ask!

Instagram Username: europrimitive
メーカー: BBS
Wheel Model: E50
Include tires?:
ホイール構成: 5x130
直径: 17
掲載日 2019/02/21

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