Porsche Rial Mesh 16x7 and 16x8

Set of polished Rial Alloy wheels

Were installed on a Widebody 911 with spacers. Very good overall condition, few nicks and scratches, but nothing major. When they were polished, the polisher milled off the raised lettering on the hubs, not suprising, but they are definitely Rials, and say made in Germany on the back. They've been sitting for years, I just cleaned them up quick - with a little more work, they would really shine.

These should be perfect on an SC or anything with RS or SC flares. Period correct and cool. Offsets are close to 16x7 & 8 Fuchs (within a few mm)

Front ET or offset measures about 24-25mm.

The rear ET measures about 12-13mm. These are tape measure accurate, hence the fudge millimeter or so.


Instagram Username: greggearhead
メーカー: Rial
Wheel Model: Mesh
Include tires?:
ホイール構成: 5x130
直径: 16
Front width: 7" or smaller
Rear width: 8"
Front offset: 24
Rear offset: 12
Center Bore Size: 71.6
掲載日 2019/10/18

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