Buddyclub P1QF / SSR Type C - 15x7 +34 / 15x6.5 +43 4x100

Buddyclub P1QF / SSR Type C
Kanjo-style mismatch set in gold
Previouly owned by Zerofighter.

Buddyclub P1QF - 15"x7j 4x100 +34
Forged and only 4.6kg each

SSR Type C - 15"x6.5j 4x100 +43
Semi-solid forged only 3.9kg each

Price: $1050 + shipping
US: Delivered in 5 to 6 business days

Payment: Paypal
Location: Ireland
Posts to: Worldwide

Instagram: @danny.collins.141

Instagram Username: @danny.collins.141
メーカー: Other
Wheel Model: Buddyclub P1QF / SSR Type C
Include tires?:
ホイール構成: 4x100
直径: 15 or smaller
Front width: 7" or smaller
Rear width: 7" or smaller
Front offset: 34
Rear offset: 43
掲載日 2020/05/ 4

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