VMR 702 18 x 8.5 Matt Black LIKE NEW >3500 miles on them

I bought these and had VMR Powder Coat them . They are in EXCELLENT , Near Mint condition. 9/10

These have been stored on a tire tree, in my basement and each rim has been covered, and the entire stack was covered with a blanket to ensure not even dust would collect on them!

I used these for 1/4 of a summer and have less than 5,000 miles on these. Again, these are cherry rims see below. I sold the Golf, bought a GTI and got a new job that requires me to buy a truck so Im selling these in hopes they find a new home. If you low ball me thats fine, I am not hurting for cash, they can sit in the basement.

Again, these are clean and stored properly. The picture I just took in I DID NOT even wipe the rim off, this is how clean they've been stored.


The rims are a 9/10

There are no major scratches, no major dings, NO BENDS, No gauges, No curb marks. They are as near new as possible.

There is (1) Tiny chip, about the size of a pencil tip that can't even be seen in a photo but its there. I dropped a socket on it .


The tires are 9/10

There are no flat spots, no chunks torn out. there is (1) roofing nail in 1 tire in the middle of the tire tread so it can be patched. I didn't patch it myself because I haven't used the rims this year and didn't want to mess with the patch as the local tire guys don't really use the plastic guards and I didn't want to risk them being scratched.

If the nail wasn't in the tire I'd mark the package at 9.5 and the tires at 10 . There just worn in and are really awesome.

Please understand I do not have to sell these, I'd like to sell these. I have 2k in them powder coated Flat black from VMR. Id like to get 1250 for them. Its a fair deal for both the buyer and seller.

If you have questions ask, if you'd like to make me an offer thats fine. I will include the center caps and will include black lugs should I be able to find them.



aaron.steiner@live.com for more info or pictures.

I will add the tire tree for $50.00

Wheel Manufacturer: VMR
Wheel Model: 702
Include tires?:
Bolt pattern: 5x112
Diameter: 18
Front width: 8.5"
Rear width: 8.5"
Listing created Mar 14, 2018

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