Vintage Hayashi Racing (HRE) 505

Vintage JDM Hayashi Racing 505s
Looks to be all original paint, faces, barrels and hardware. They come with 2 plastic original hex caps, 4 aluminum hex caps and 4 center covers.
Stickers on the barrels indicate that they’re 15 x 7 with a +7 ET and 4 x 98 pcd but will fit 4x100 with wobble bolts.

直径: 15 or smaller
ホイール構成: 4x100
メーカー: Hayashi Racing
Wheel Model: 505
Include tires?:
Front width: 7" or smaller
Rear width: 7" or smaller
Front offset: 10
Rear offset: 10
Center Bore Size: 58.6
掲載日 2022/08/16

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